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Black Barby Music Festival

Black Barby 


We have a huge array of walkabout characters you can book to come and liven up your event. From crazy old Victorian Gents, to spaced out Rockstars, to The Janitors, to stilt walkers, magicians, jugglers and good old clowns. Scroll down for more ideas...

Can't see a character to fit your event? Just ask and we will see what we can do!

Site Insecurity

Philosophical Conundrums solved here..! The tramp clown will wander around your event aimlessly, pondering life's big questions, the universe and everything, oh and anything else that might arise...

The Firemen


You'll be laughing so much you won't notice your house burning down...! Watch out for those buckets of water!

Athletic Andrew & Sporting Sid

...They've been running since the last Olympics and they're on their way to the next... Don't try to stop them - they're professionals!

The Philosophical Janitors

These guys know what they are talking about... especially as they are always having tea breaks! Watch out - don't get them started as they may not stop (talking that is!). Give them a broom and they may sweep up, only after a cuppa of course.

The Rockstars

Free love, in the groove man - these guys lost it years ago but we love 'em all the same! With appearances at Glastonbury Festival - outside the long drops - they really have reached the pinnacle of their career!

The Lazy Farmers

Come and have a go on our 'Hook a Duck' stall, and a chat, as these guys really know everything about nothing... and more!

Steampunk characters

Crazy contraptions, crazy steampunk characters and lots of audience interaction. Get these guys milling around at your event and you will certainly know they are there!

Charlie Chaplin himself!

Cosmo presents Charlie as a gentle walkabout character - silent of course, but very visual and endearing.

The Confused French Accordian Player

This guy wanders around serenading all and sundry and amusing all with his comical mannerisms.

Crazy Clown Doctor

Available individually or in pairs, the clown doctors will help you sort out all manner of problems in a comical way.

The Lost Pilots

They have landed... but they don't know where they are. Can you help them find their way home with their upside down map and confusing compass? (Plane not included!)

The Pirates - ooo-argh!

These inept pirates (more than two are available) will try and try and try to get something right - be it walking the plank, tying someone up or finding the treasure. Will you join them or will you resist them?? 

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Click here for more photos of our Walkabout Characters:
To book a Foolhardy Walkabout Character:

If you wish to enquire about a Foolhardy Walkabout Character coming to your event then please contact us either by phoning Cosmo on 0777 5691273 or 01603 460446 or via our contact form on this website. 

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