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Black Barby Music Festival

Black Barby 


"Cosmo's Boots" - Part One & Part Two

 A meander through the history of clowning...

Not to be missed! ... with anecdotes drawn from Cosmo's life as a clown on the road with the Circus over the past 35 years. This hour long talk is very funny, engaging the audience through the use of stories, clowning props and costume - plus a few jokes thrown in for good measure!

Audience participation is inevitable, laughter is unavoidable and a good time is guaranteed! See the world through the eyes of a clown for an hour - you won't be disappointed!

These shows have been performed at Women's Institutes all across Norfolk, as well as in care homes, day centres and at various University of the Third Age meetings.

Suitable for seated audiences who appreciate detail, humour and an informative hour well spent.

To book "Cosmo's Boots":

If you wish to enquire about "Cosmo's Boots" coming to your venue/event please contact Cosmo either by phoning on 0777 5691273 or 01603 460446 or via our contact form on this website. 

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