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Black Barby Music Festival

Black Barby 


The best of new talent and the greatest of old.

Fresh ideas, new perspectives and imagination guide our production process.

All this brought to your doorstep in our very own Big Top, with seating for up to 240 people, state of the art sound and light equipment, full blackout and dedicated circus artistes.

We create a netherworld where fantasy meets reality and audiences young and old are spirited away to another time and space…never mind 3D we do 4D!

Our Big Top Shows to date:
fools pic50
ff show3
ff show2
fools pic65
fools pic60
fools pic54
fools pic46
fools pic52
fools pic51
fools pic25
fools pic24
fools pic26
fools pic13
  • The House

  • Subterrenean

  • The Worst Circus in the World

  • Arabesque

  • Elvis of Arabia

  • Almost Reddy Windmill

  • Tales from a Park Bench

  • Big love Tour

  • You've Gotta Laugh

  • Let's Rock

  • Prophecy

  • Happy

  • The Circus that Time forgot

  • The Time Travelling Shed

  • Smile

  • Mirrors

  • Splosh

  • Whoops

Click here for more photos of the Big Top Shows:
To book the Foolhardy Big Top Show

If you wish to enquire about the Foolhardy Big Top Show coming to your event or festival then please contact us either by phoning Cosmo on 0777 5691273 or 01603 460446 or via our contact form on this website. 

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