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Fresh ideas, new perspectives and imagination guide our production process. Now in our 38th year as of 2023, this is testament to our enduring quality and infinite imaginations!


Below you will find a selection of the Foolhardy artistes available - some can be booked individually if they have the skills you are looking for for your event so please get in touch to discuss your requirements. We are always adding new artistes to our books so please ask if you can't see what you need. You can contact us here.

Cosmo - Artistic Director

Cosmo Hardy has been clowning for 37 years in circus, theatre and television. He formed the Foolhardy Folk Clown Troupe along with his long term clown partner Joe Fool  plus Mike Folk. Early tours and engagements took them round the world, performing in circus's as far afield as Thailand and Russia, as well as Europe and the UK. Cosmo enjoys the challenge of producing new Circus Shows and comedy characters each year, and is currently passing on his wealth of knowledge, experience and skills to his eldest son - Lucas.

Lucas Hardy - Assistant Artistic Director

Lucas was born into the circus and trained from a young age with many of the acts engaged by the circus each year, especially in the art of juggling and acrobatics. He is currently focusing on clowning, in particular the white face role, as well as learning the ropes from his dad Cosmo regarding the general running of a Circus.

Harry - Troupe Member

Harry has been around the Foolhardies since the age of two when his mother worked in the show. He started working with the Foolhardies as a sound engineer four years ago and now presents his own Diabolo act and is a fine Auguste Clown, as well as helping out in the office.

Wilson - Troupe Member

Wilson is an entertainer extraordinaire - an accomplished musician, a dab hand at circus skills and is very funny too! Wilson and Lucas present a critically acclaimed comedy juggling/musical act together which is always a crowd pleaser.  

More Foolhardies will be added shortly....

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