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So, we have been working hard over the past year whilst waiting for Covid restrictions to lift. We have created much new content and so are happy to announce we have new comedic circus routines ready for booking -  including an hilarious club passing routine with Cosmo & Lucas, a 16 high crystal-tumbler stacking and balancing act, a new mysterious magic act (disembodiment!) and of course some very topical, very cheeky new walkabout characters.

Rest assured our unique blend of humour and slapstick is still as anarchic and chaotic as ever ;-) so don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements either for a show or anything else we offer.


WooHoo! We are back! Bouncing fully into 2022 with a spring in our steps, very excited to announce we are 100% running our wonderful Home-Ed Circus Camp this year, after a crazy long gap since 2019. 

It is with a welcome sigh of relief that the Fools begin the satisfying process of organising a fun filled family circus camp for you home educating families out there, for the first week in June, 2022. 

We do sooooo look forward to seeing you all again, in a field in Norfolk, in some strange kinda fancy dress clobber, covered in candyfloss and popcorn and with a strange court jester mask, smudged lipstick, grass stained knees... dancing to upside down music and saying Yes! Yes! Yes! to all of the children's crazy requests... because we will all be so bliss filled and happy to be there again, to be connecting, to be carefree, to be cartwheeling through daisies and drinking tea and eating cake til we are fit to burst. 

There will be slightly off the wall cabarets, loud obnoxious jesters (Peat... you know who you are...!), endless biscuits, circus shows, fire shows, dodgy talent shows where anything goes, toasting giant marshmallows and storytelling round the bonfire, wonky face-painting, really bad dad dancing, random happenings, odd workshops, blank faced parents walking around in a daze hardly able to believe we are once again prancing around carefree in a field, dodging juggling balls, looking for lost fidget spinners and dusting off grazed knees for the umpteenth time as little Charlie once again falls off his stilts... Lovely! 


We are flexible and aim to meet your specific needs. We can offer the following in any configuration:

  • Performances

  • Big Top hire

  • Seating hire

  • Walkabout characters to suit your event

  • Bespoke online content, including circus tuition and performances.

Please get in touch to discuss, with no obligation :-)

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Foolhardies Online Streaming Service

The Foolhardies are proud to begin development of our new streaming service.
We have been fortunate to receive financial support via a grant as well as business help and advice. 

The grant was secured through “The New Anglia Visitor / Wider Economy Grant Scheme, funded by the European Regional Development Fund

Our new streaming service will offer schools, organisations and individuals access to online circus skills workshops and Foolhardy performances.
The workshops will include juggling from beginner to advanced, diabolo, poi poi, clowning and circus based fitness ideas and much more, They will be tailored for all age groups and abilities and so are very inclusive for all.
The content will be both instructive, informative, practical and fun. This is a project we are very enthusiastic and excited about and we look forward to opening for bookings very soon.

Over the next few months we will be creating a dedicated web page where we will be uploading workshops and providing access and further information about signing up. In the meantime if you require further information please don't hesitate to get in touch.



Foolhardy promo video...


Tuesday February 22nd 2022

Fisher Theatre, Bungay

Circus skills workshop for all ages and abilities at 11am followed by our all new, shiny clown show at 2pm - you'd be a fool to miss it! Come laugh with us! Full details and booking on the theatre's own website

Friday February 25th 2022

Beccles Theatre, nr Bungay

Come see our all new, shiny clown show at 2.30pm - you'd be a fool to miss it! Come laugh with us! Full details and booking on the theatre's own website

July 2022

School Booking at Ilkley High School, West Yorkshire

An end of term treat for year 7's, and a great place for us Foolhardies to visit! This will be our sixth time at the school - we really enjoy working with the children for a week, as well as soaking up this wonderful part of Britain and hiking on Ilkley Moore... bar tat!

July & August 2022

Campsite Entertainment, Wroxham Barns, Norfolk

Cosmo and the crew will be getting heckled by 5 year olds again at Wroxham Barns campsite again this year, having failed to be put off by masterful heckling last year ;-)

Workshops and shows for those camping stalwarts.

Why not come and camp too!

Early August 2022

Harlequin Festival - Norfolk

We will be performing shows and running circus skills workshops at this wonderful family festival in Norfolk. If you have never been, do check out their website and come along for a varied, down to earth and very friendly festival this summer.

 Bank Holiday weekend August

Maui Waui Festival

We will be running the cabaret tent at this epic festival in our usual flamboyant stylee, with daytime family-friendly circus shows for all ages too.

You would be a fool to miss it!

September 2022

Equinox Festival - Lincolnshire

A great end to the festival season, and a great way to celebrate the solstice. A chilled out festi with down to earth people, decent music and a hippy vibe. We will be running circus skills workshops and one of Cosmo's bands will be performing.

More dates will be added once confirmed...