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Circus Workshops info

The circus workshops are tailored to suit the needs and skill levels of children of all ages, plus any adults that take part.  They run morning and afternoon from Wednesday till Saturday. For those who choose to perform Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning is devoted to rehearsals and the participants big finale shows.

We have three big tops for participants to use, trying their hand at many and varied circus skills.  We keep numbers low so that we have a good tutor to pupil ratio. 

Little Panic Circus – 4-6 year olds (40 workshop places available)  Relaxed circus skills workshops focusing on learning through play, with lots of breaks for the smallest children.  Please note, you will be required to stay and supervise your child/ren in this big top – they will learn more easily and staff will have more time to tutor them with your support.  This area will be located right next to Panic Circus, so if you have a child in each area you’ll be able to be around for both.

Panic Circus - 7-9 year olds (60 workshop places available)  Slightly more structured circus skills tuition, but still less intensive and with lots of breaks.  Children can choose to work towards participation in a big finale show on Sunday morning.  Parents need to be nearby to keep an eye on their children in this big top, and help them when needed.  This area is located next to Little Panic Circus so you can keep an eye on children in both areas if need be.

Foolhardy Circus10-18 year olds (60 workshop places available, including up to 10 places for adults if you wish to join in too)  More intensive circus skills tuition for the older kids, with some more challenging equipment than that available in the other tops, still in a relaxed yet productive atmosphere.  They can choose to work towards participation in a big finale show on Sunday around noon.  Parents can leave their child/ren here, though of course they are welcome to stay nearby and watch/offer words of encouragement! 

Tuition in the following skills/equipment will be available:
  • outdoor aerial silks rig with Swan and Pip

  • trapeze (not available in Little Panic tent)

  • low tightrope

  • stilt walking

  • juggling clubs and ball

  • tumbling and basic acrobatics

  • clowning

  • diabolo

  • hat juggling

  • devil sticks/flower sticks

  • poi poi

  • hula hooping

  • staff spinning

  • plate spinning

  • pedal-gos, balance boards/roller-boller, cigar boxes and more! 


Behind the Scenes:

There may also be the opportunity for a few participants to have a go at sound and lighting skills if they prefer to focus on this for the final performances rather than performing on stage.


Circus Badges:

Circus Camp is also a great opportunity for those youngsters who are in the Scouts or Guides (or any other?) to complete their circus badges. Please get in touch beforehand if you are planning to do this.

Record Sheets:

We will also have Circus Camp personal achievement record sheets for any participants who wish to complete one. These give participants the option to gain ink stamps when they have tried a new skill. These records can then be filed in your home ed paperwork if you wish, or just put on the wall as a reminder of all the fun your child had trying new things!

Taster Workshops:

For those adults and children over 8 who are not participating in the main Circus Workshops, you are welcome to join in any of our hour-long circus skills taster workshops which will be held between 4.30pm and 5.30pm Wednesday to Friday.


Under 4s:
As always we will have a lovely indoor/outdoor area for the littlies packed with equipment and activities to keep them entertained.

Silks workshop ages 7-10
Silks workshop ages 7-10

Hat juggling
Hat juggling

Trapeze workshop ages 10 plus
Trapeze workshop ages 10 plus

Silks workshop ages 7-10
Silks workshop ages 7-10

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SEN Liaison:

If your child requires extra help or understanding in order to get the most out of the workshops please mention this to Vicki when you book, as she is our SEN liaison and will ensure we meet your needs.