Black Barby Music Festival

Black Barby 


Circus Camp Enquiries:

Please use the contact form below for any Circus Camp enquiries.

For any other enquiries for Foolhardy Circus please use the main Foolhardy Circus contact form here

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If you're thinking of booking Circus Camp tickets, please let us know how many of each type you'd want:

Attendance + Circus Workshops (Age 4-6) Tickets - £40*

*Parent/carer supervision required

Attendance + Circus Workshops (Age 7-9) Tickets - £50*

*Parent/carer supervision required

Attendance + Circus Workshops (Age 10-18) Tickets - £70

Attendance + Circus Workshops (Over 18s) Tickets - £70

Attendance Only (Under 2s) Tickets - FREE

Attendance Only (Age 2-102) Tickets - £20

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Please complete the form so we have a good idea of the tickets you require, or with your question, then we will get back to you asap.

Ages for the workshops:

Please be aware that you can book a slightly older child into the next younger workshop, or a slightly younger child into the next older workshop if you feel they need to be there for either ability reasons, or if you want both your children to be together if they are a similar age. 

Adult workshops:

If you wish to book yourself in for the adult week long workshops in the Foolhardy Tent, along with the 10-18's, you need to be aware any child you have booked into the 4-6's or the 7-9's workshops in the Panic Tents will need an adult with them throughout the week, so either you need a second adult to do that or you will be unable to book yourself in, unfortunately.

SEN Liaison:

If your child requires extra help or understanding in order to get the most out of the workshops please mention this to Vicki who is our SEN liaison and she will ensure we meet your needs.