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T-Shirt & Mug design competition 2018

So, this year we have decided to hand the T-shirt design and mug design over to you guys… that includes children and adults. If you have been before you may have a previous T-shirt or mug, or both. If not some of the previous designs are shown on this page.

The Specifics


The designs need to be drawn in black on a plain white background. Mugs are white, but the T-shirts are a range of different colours. On the darker colour T-shirts we often get the designs printed in white, whereas on the paler coloured T-shirts the designs are printed in black. Keep the lines crisp and easy to see. Bear in mind that when the mug design gets scaled down if the lines are too close together they can blur and the detail is lost.  Please don't draw the outline of a t-shirt or mug, as it can be hard to crop that out!  Just the logo, please.


T-shirt designs can be approximately A4 size, in portrait (so taller and thinner rather than shorter and wider), or they can be circular or square, maximum size 9 inches/23cm.

Mug designs can be designed on a large scale but will need to be able to be scaled down to approximately 11cm wide x 7.5cm high, in landscape. This design then gets put on each mug twice with a gap in between. Or if you are feeling extra creative one long wide design is fine, which would need to be able to be scaled down to approx. 23cm wide x 7.5cm high. Best way is to scale the chosen size up first, then do the design in the large size space.


Foolhardy Home-Ed Circus Camp 2018

(Please ensure ALL the words are used, and are clear and easy to read).

Along with a circus-y design of your choosing. We are looking forward to seeing the creative designs you come up with!


Ideally you would email us your designs in a JPEG format, although PDF should be fine too.

If you have no means to scan your design, you can post it to us instead.  Click the link below to ask Sarah for the address.


Click here to email design(s) to Sarah – this will open up a new email using the default email program on your computer/device.  The closing date needs to be April 15th so we have time to prepare the designs then go to print.


A winner of each category will be chosen, and each will win one of the items they designed, so please state t-shirt size and colour requested on your entry if you choose to design the T-shirt. Winners will be announced on the website in advance and also emailed. Prizes will be given out at camp during the welcome meeting.

Thank you in advance!

Any questions please just ask.

(Multiple entries from one person is fine too btw)