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What is The Circus Residencies In Schools Programme?

harris middle schoolThe Circus Residencies In Schools Programme (CRISP) is an opportunity for young people to explore and create circus and all its facets.

We come to your school for a day, two days, a week – you decide – with our Big Top or in your gym or hall, and with the expertise of our staff we create a unique circus experience for all.


CRISP workshops provide a format for students and staff to collaborate in life-experiences through the circus arts. Students and staff learning new skills together, without any element of competition, can be a very bonding experience!

Who is CRISP for?

At the Foolhardy circus our approach is full inclusion.

We make all possible accommodations to enable every student to participate and we encourage all participants to set reasonable personal goals which can be followed through to a satisfactory conclusion.

CRISP offers many opportunities for learning and discovery on an academic as well as a physical level. Skills certificates are given to every participant at the end.

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