Bespoke comedy characters



Comedy characters

We love this part of our work, creating characters and performances for special events and clients.

From the Norwich Fringe festival to Medieval banquets, crazy comedic characters will enliven your event.

Improvisation and ad lib at its finest

Thirty years of walking the boards allow us confident free comic expression, bouncing off the audience and going with an idea until its logical/illogical conclusion – and of course on the way many a laugh.

Personalized characters

We have many bespoke characters, but love to create new ones at our clients’ request, working from conception to manifestation. These include the Steampunk Clowns, pictured above.


Here we see the Victorian Gentlemen’s Acrobatic Society: two elderly, moth-eaten, cobwebbed characters who are reputedly 150 and 160 years old and were formerly Victorian circus acrobats. Watch in comic disbelief and they attempt to recreate the act of old, or take your photo with a Victorian tripod camera.



Bert and Bert the philosophical janitors, on a perpetual tea break, and with lots of time to spare they discuss life, the universe and everything between themselves or with the audience. Dumb and dumber comic logic writ large.glastonbury 2005 bert and bert

Other characters include The Spies, Norfolk Farmers and the Hook A Duck stall, The Rock Stars, Tramp Clowns and The Spacemen.


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