Foolhardy circus At Wroxham Barns 2015 with the new show “The circus time forgot”

image1IMG_0439Its back at Wroxham Barns The Prophecy tour with the newest instalment of the show “The Circus time forgot”

Welcome to the fantastical surreal world of the circus that time forgot. A melange of unbelievable characters and circus skills that adults and children alike can lose themselves in. A multi-layered cornucopia ideas, a veritable profiterole of laughter and astonishing manipulative miscellania

A Spike Milligan inspired steam punk exploration of silliness, stupidity, the absurd and what makes us laugh. Gags and skills to astound everyone from 4 years old to 104 year olds.
Come and watch ludicrous lucas do 20 summer saults and 10 winter ones or Cosmo Custard do a handstand, footstand and an impression of a hat-stand!
Audiences have been thrilled for many years watching the Fools and this years show promises to be just as awesome! with of course the bit of splosh and unplanned mayhem ha!!!!!!
The show runs from March 28th  sunday 16th April with performances at 12am and 2pm entrance is an austerity busting £5 .


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