Theatre show 2016

The show is a rip-roaring feast of laughter and jollity featuring East Anglia’s favourite clowns the Foolhardy Folk in their newest show, “ Circus Bizerkus”


  Show description Foolhardy clowns in “ Circus Bizerkus”.

The circus is in town! Well that is Cosmo the ringmaster and Bert his trusty ring hand. The rest of the troupe is on the tour bus somewhere lost, Last heard of on the B9127 heading for Arbroath.

With the show due to start Cosmo decides he will have to do it on his own. Well he can juggle, and knows the magic tricks, and is pretty handy on the Diabolo and even used to do the grand finale handstand on a chair in his younger days, no problem the show must go on!

However the enthusiastic Bert has other plans. Seeing his chance to perform he persuades Cosmo to let him help. Bad idea, as mayhem ensues!


A show littered with mouth watering comic timing, tons of circus skills and audience participation. The foolhardy characters are a Laurel-and-Hardy estyle duo in a cartoon-like landscape reminding us what live entertainment is really all about.

 “It’s wonderful just to see the kids laughing out loud”

 Waveney Greenpeace festival organizer.


“Comic genius, very funny, great to see this type of show”

Colchester Arts Centre Director


“We love the Foolhardies thank you for being weird! “ The kids of Lothingland School.

Our fees are negotiable so don’t be shy give us a ring or e mail. We are happy to discuss your exact requirements and create a programme of activities that suits your school programme. For example you may wish to have a circus workshop for the day and finish with a show.

We look forward to hearing from you give us a ring

In the light

Cosmo Hardy

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